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L'X fragile sera vaincu | Fragile X will be conquered

Put to the Test

The American Prospect, Harold Pollack | October 20, 2010 |

Genetic screening is more accessible than ever, and health-care providers are scrambling to catch up.

(…) Promising treatments are now on the horizon for fragile-X syndrome. These are not cures, but they may modestly improve social functioning. As better treatments become available, they will strengthen the case for newborn screening, at least for the full mutation. The development of effective drugs to address the specific mechanisms behind fragile-X syndrome would create “a whole different game,” says University of Chicago pediatrician and ethicist Lainie Friedman Ross. “But, right now, first of all, we would tell you that if you had a [son with the full mutation], he needs occupational, physical therapy, speech therapy. What do you tell a mother who has a girl with fragile X? When one-third won’t need those services ever and another one-third may or may not and only one-third definitely need it?” (…)


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