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Canadian clinical trial of minocycline in Fragile X shows promise for future treatment!


Results of the first clinical trial of minocycline in Fragile X patients were recently published in BMC Neurology, and they suggest that this medication can improve many of the challenging behaviours commonly seen in Fragile X syndrome.

The trial was entitled “Open-label add-on treatment trial of minocycline in fragile X syndrome” and was published in BMC Neurology 2010, 10:91. The study included twenty males and females with Fragile X, aged 13-32, and was conducted by Dr. Carlo Paribello at the Surrey Place Centre Fragile X clinic in Toronto. The trial was funded by the FRAXA Research Foundation and the FXRFC.  Patients received either 100 mg or 200 mg of minocycline daily, and their behaviours were evaluated prior to treatment and again 8 weeks after daily minocycline.

Behavioural scores showed striking improvement and the drug was generally well tolerated. The most significant side effect noted was, in blood tests, an asymptomatic conversion to a positive ANA (Antinuclear Antibody) in two people. This is a nonspecific marker of immunoinflammatory connective tissue diseases, so physicians who prescribe minocycline should be aware of its risk for inducing potentially serious autoimmune reactions.

Minocycline belongs to a group of antibiotics called synthetic tetracyclines, and it has been used in people for more than fifty years to treat Lyme disease, acne, and other skin infections. In 2008 Dr. Iryna Ethell of the University of California at Riverside showed that minocycline, which inhibits MMP-9 activity, reverses behavioural and neuronal abnormalities in mice bred to mimic Fragile X.

This study suggests that minocycline can provide significant benefits to Fragile X patients.These findings are also consistent with the Ethell team’s results in mice, suggesting that minocycline modifies underlying neural defects that characterize Fragile X.

Dr. Paribello is continuing his study at the Surrey Place Centre Fragile X Clinic, with an extended treatment phase to investigate whether there is developmental or cognitive improvement with long term minocycline treatment.

For more info on treatments updates please visit the Fragile X Research Foundation of Canada (FXRFC)

Pour plus d’info sur les études cliniques visitez le site de la Fondation canadienne de recherche sur le syndrome du X fragile

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