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Seaside Therapeutics to move autism drug to Phase 3 trials

Masshightech.com, By Julie M. Donnelly |

Seaside Therapeutics Inc. has issued positive results for a second Phase 2 clinical trial on its drug candidate to treat autism.

While the first study focused on fragile X syndrome, the most common cause of autism, the second study expanded the indication to a variety of autism spectrum disorders. The company has decided to move forward with Phase 3 trials for the potential therapy, called STX209, in both indications. The Cambridge-based biotechnology company said that the study showed a marked improvement in patients’ symptoms, including irritability and social withdrawal.

“These study results add to a growing body of evidence supporting the potential of STX209 to play an important role in treating neurodevelopment disorders such as fragile X syndrome and autism spectrum disorders,” said Randall L. Carpenter, CEO of Seaside Therapeutics, in a statement. “In addition, we have now observed significant improvement in social interaction across two studies. We believe the reduction in social withdrawal is important as it suggests that STX209 is demonstrating efficacy for a core symptom of both fragile X syndrome and autism.”


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