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Parents of fragile X kids report improvements with antibiotic minocycline

Los Angeles Times |

Parents of children with fragile X syndrome reported improvements in their children’s attention spans and communication skills as well as decreased anxiety after the children were given the antibiotic minocycline, researchers said Tuesday. The results were strictly observational and were uncontrolled, but they suggest the drug — which is already used widely for treating teen acne — might also have a use for the fragile X condition. The results were sufficiently promising that the National Fragile X Foundation is now sponsoring a preliminary clinical trial.

Fragile X is a genetic disorder caused by defects on the X chromosome, one of the cell’s two sex chromosomes. It affects about one in 3,600 males and one in 4,000 females in the United States, causing a variety of disabilities that include learning disorders, intellectual impairment and behavioral and emotional problems. It is also associated with certain physical traits, such as prominent ears and unusually flexible finger joints. Symptoms are typically more severe in boys than in girls.


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