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Cellceutix a “Dark Horse” leader in Autism Research (as in article by Allan Jackson)

Allan Jackson wrote an article on Stockhouse that compares industry leaders in the area of autism research. It’s a race to break into this billion-dollar industry. Cellceutix is a world-leader, but still relatively unknown. Nice to see someone else recognizes the potential of Cellceutix.

Mr. Jackson’s article:

Dark horse candidate developing a novel compound

Biotech is one of the most lucrative of all industries. The success of a single drug has the potential to generate billions of dollars annually.

Understand that there does indeed exist an altruistic motive, the primary intention of developing compounds to provide new treatments for unmet needs for the good of the species. Yet the profit motive remains–business is still business and revenue generating potential certainly has its place in providing perspective among the panoply of therapeutic avenues that could be pursued.

Investors in biotechnology generally follow a couple methods in selecting for a company with tremendous upside. One of the primary strategies is identifying a company involved in white-hot, bleeding edge area of research. A second method is to identify a niche company with an orphan or completely novel drug that, if successful, is protected from competition for several years. Success in either one of these areas will greatly increase the likelihood of a larger financial windfall for all involved.

Considering the first of these investment methods brings us to one of the hottest frontiers in neuro-biotechnology: autism. With a 10-17% annual growth rate, Autism Spectrum Disorder is the single fastest growing developmental disease in the world today. About 1% of the United States population, ages 3 to 17, is afflicted with autism spectrum disorder and more children will be diagnosed with autism this year than with AIDS, diabetes & cancer combined. Even with these stunning facts, there is NO drug available on the market today that addresses the core issues of autism. There are many drugs designed to allay autistic symptoms, e.g., Ritalin. But none that address the core issues of the autistic brain. Presently, there is one drug approved by the FDA for such use, the antipsychotic, Risperidone, produced by Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ, Stock Forum) and approved for use in infantile autism. Risperidone has not been without its critics, though, as many question the use of the antipsychotic medication. With President Obama recently earmarking $1 billion for studies extending through 2018, biotechnology companies have realized both the great financial and humanitarian benefits that can result with the successful development of a compound for autism and have begun a push to develop therapeutic compounds.


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