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L'X fragile sera vaincu | Fragile X will be conquered

Treatment update

There is growing excitement in the Fragile X research community and among the families of people that have Fragile X syndrome. The progress that researchers have made over the past few years has allowed us to finally start moving potential treatments out of the lab and into the clinics. The Fragile X Research Foundation of Canada has spearheaded this progress by partnering with Surrey Place Centre to establish the first FX Clinic and initiating the first Canadian clinical trial to test a new treatment for Fragile X.

The FXRFC has also expanded its international collaboration by participating in the Fragile X Clinic and Research Consortium organized by the National Fragile X Foundation in the U.S. It currently consists of 20 clinics in the U.S. and one in Canada. By being part of this consortium, the FX Clinic in Toronto will be able to participate in a number of multicentre clinical drug trials that are in various stages of planning.


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